Fragrances - Aromatic & Green

Fresh, green, herbal and earthy fragrances

Fragrances noted with  * are the best sellers in each category.

Asian Bamboo - Light, calming green spa inspired fragrance.
Clean Cotton & Fresh Linen - The clean scent of freshly washed sheets, just out of the dryer.
Cucumber Slices - Clean, green refreshing cucumber.
Cypress Forest - Fresh green woods with notes of cooling eucalyptus.
Fresh Dirt - Freshly turned warm, wet soil.
Freshly Cut Grass - The sweet, green scent of a freshly mowed lawn on a Summer morning.
German Chamomile - Green, fresh herbal scent of chamomile leaves and flowers.
Havana Green Tobacco Leaf - Fresh, green and woody tobacco leaf.
Hemp Weed Buds & Leaves - A realistic, green sharp cannabis fragrance.
Italian Bergamot - Beautiful Italian bitter orange, used for Earl Grey tea flavoring.
Japanese Green Tea - A softly bittersweet blend of green tea leaf and delicate flowers.
Spanish Lemon Verbena - Bright, lightly sweet lemon with floral notes of verbena.
*White Tea & Ginger - Soft, soothing tea fragrance with citrus & ginger notes.

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