Fragrances - Bakery & Food

Favorite sweet treats

Fragrances noted with  * are the best sellers in each category.

*Almond Amaretti Cookie - Italian almond cookies with a sweet liqueur and cherry top note.
Buttery Sugar Cookie - Rich butter cookies with vanilla and sugar notes.
Buttermilk Pancake Stack - Fluffy pancakes, with tangy buttermilk, sweet maple syrup and butter.
Chocolate Layer Cake (Yankee Candle-Type) - Dark, rich chocolate cake, layered with chocolate icing.
Freshly Ground Cinnamon - A true cinnamon spice fragrance, not too sweet.
Fruity Rings Cereal (Fruity Pebbles-Type) - Sweet breakfast cereal with citrus notes and vanilla sugar.
Happy Birthday Cake - Sweet yellow cake, with rich vanilla buttercream frosting.
Mountain Clover Honey - Warm honey fragrance with notes of cinnamon and citrus.
Salted Caramel - Maple and brown sugar, melted with butter and vanilla for a rich caramel.
*Vanilla Crème - Sweet, delicious classic vanilla.
Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie - Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, warm from the oven. 

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