Fragrances - Citrus & Fruits

Sweet, luscious fruit scents

Fragrances noted with  * are the best sellers in each category.

*Coachella White Grapefruit - Juicy, bittersweet & refreshing citrus.
Costa Rican Banana -  Ripe, rich tropical banana.
Fresh Squeezed Orange - The juicy, zesty scent of freshly squeezed orange juice.
Georgia Peach - Rich, juicy and fruity sweet peach fragrance.
Hawaiian Pineapple - Sweet, juicy, ripe pineapple fragrance.
Lime Squeeze - Sweet, strong lime juice and zest.
Luscious Turkish Fig - Full bodied, juicy ripe fig.
Mediterranean Pomegranate - Rich, dark sweet juice.
Mexican Sweet Mango - Fresh, fruity, sweet, tropical mango.
Red Currant (Votivo-Type) - Bright, tart berry fragrance which fills a room.
Strawberry Bliss - Sweet, luscious strawberry.
Sweet Backyard Lemon - Sweet lemon juice and zest with a hint of sugar.
Tropical Coconut - Rich coconut suntan lotion scent.
Wild Raspberry - Sweet, strong and true raspberry scent. 

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