Fragrances - Deep & Woodsy

Dark, woodsy, deep fragrances to appeal to the male side

Fragrances noted with  * are the best sellers in each category.

Brand New Car - The scent of a new car, leather seats and road trip dreams.
Burnished Dark Leather - A rich, soft well worn leather jacket.
Caribbean Bay Rum - This classic men's cologne scent blends spices with citrus notes & pine.
*Feu du Bois/Wood Fire (Diptyque-Type) - The smoky scent of sitting next to a camp fire.
Hazy Cathedral Smoke - Mysterious frankincense & myrrh, burning in a censer in an ancient cathedral.
*Indian Sandalwood - Familiar warm, sweet & spicy wood fragrance.
Manor House Study - A study in old mansion - a blend of old leather, mahogany & old paper.
Sacred Nag Champa - Classic incense fragrance, used in temples and churches.
Savannah Oakmoss - The sweet, deep wood scent of a damp Southern forest.

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