Our Fine Fragrances

Our fragrances are organized into several different collections. The Luxury collection has beautful blends, perfect for gifting. The other categories have single note fragrances, for times when a specific fragrance is required. Downloadable Fragrance Menu available by clicking the button below:




LUXURY BLENDS   Retail-quality fragrances, blended by top perfumers

Amber Citrus Oud—Sensual amber & oud, with sweet fruity notes

Amber Santal—Sandalwood & amber in a pleasing, neutral blend

BAIES/French Berries & Roses (Diptyque-Type)—Bright, deep red currant & red rose, similar to Diptyque's version

Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli & Tobacco—Soft woodsy blend with notes of vetiver, patchouli & tobacco

Coconut Milk FruitCoconut milk, blended with ripe tropical fruits

Dark Cassis FlowerRich, voluptuous ripe black currant & deep florals

Flowering Summer GardenAn enchanting blend of honeysuckle & jasmine blooming together

Green Fig & BergamotRipe sweet fig, mellowed with Italian bergamot

Hampton's Ocean BreezeClean & complex blend of fresh ozone with neutral florals

Indonesian Teakwood & SpiceExotic teakwood with spicy cardamom & cinnamon

Sorrento Olive, Lemon & SageGreen, bright blend of herbal olive, sage, lemon & green grass

Sugared Citrus (Volcano Blue-Type)A sweet and zesty citrus blend, similar to Capri Volcano Blue

Tropical Mango CitrusVery sweet, ripe tropical fruit blend with tangy citrus notes

Vintage Hemp & SisalFresh green grass & hay notes. Smells like a shot of fresh wheatgrass

White Vanilla MuskSweet, powdery white musk with amber & vanilla


AROMATIC & GREEN   Fresh, green, herbal, & earthy fragrances

Asian BambooSensual amber & oud, with sweet fruity notes

Clean Cotton & Fresh LinenThe clean scent if freshly washed sheets, just out of the dryer

Cucumber SlicesClean, green refreshing cucumber

Cypress ForestFresh green woods with notes of cooling eucalyptus

Fresh DirtFreshly turned, warm, wet soil

Freshly Cut GrassThe sweet, green scent of a freshly mowed lawn on a Summer morning

German ChamomileGreen, fresh herbal scent of chamomile leaves and flowers

Havana Green Tobacco LeafFresh, green and woody tobacco leaf

Hemp Weed Buds & LeavesA realistic, green sharp cannabis fragrance

Italian BergamotBeautiful Italian bitter orange, used for Earl Grey tea flavoring

Japanese Green TeaA softly bittersweet blend of green tea leaf and delicate flowers

Spanish Lemon VerbenaBright, lightly sweet lemon with floral notes of verbena

White Tea & GingerSoft, soothing tea fragrance


DEEP & WOODSY   Dark, woodsy, deep fragrances to appeal to the male side

Brand New CarThe scent of a new car, leather seats and road trip dreams

Burnished Dark LeatherA rich, soft well worn leather jacket

Caribbean Bay RumThis classic men's cologne scent blends spices with citrus notes & pine

Feu du Bois/Wood Fire (Diptyque-Type)The smoky scent of sitting next to a camp fire

Hazy Cathedral SmokeMysterious frankincense & myrrh, burning in a censer in an ancient cathedral

Indian SandalwoodFamiliar warm, sweet & spicy wood fragrance

Manor House StudyA study in old mansion - a blend of old leather, mahogany & old paper

Sacred Nag ChampaClassic incense fragrance, used in temples and churches

Savannah OakmossThe sweet, deep wood scent of a damp Southern forest


AROMATHERAPY GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS   Pure therapeutic plant essences

Australian EucalyptusHealing, clearing and invigorating eucalyptus essential oil

French LavenderRelaxing, mellowing and calming lavender essential oil

Greek Honey MintSpearmint & peppermint essential oils tingle and cool the skin

Italian Blood OrangeEnergizing blood orange citrus essential oil with a zesty twist

Roman Rosemary LavenderTherapeutic classic spa combination of rosemary & lavender essential oils

Thai Lemongrass CitronellaBright citrusy herbal lemongrass citronella essential oil that repels insects


SWEET FLORALS   Realistic representations of favorite flowers

Exotic PlumeriaLush, exotic tropical flower

Orange BlossomDelicate sweet orange blossoms just opening in the sun

Pink PeonySweet, pure pink flower petals

Red RosesClassic true rose fragrance with powder notes

Springtime RainA green meadow of flowers blooming after a Spring rain shower

TuberoseDeep heavy floral with green notes

White GardeniaTimeless, velvety white floral


CITRUS & FRUITS   Sweet, luscious fruit scents

Coachella White GrapefruitJuicy, bittersweet & refreshing citrus

Costa Rican BananaRipe, rich tropical banana

Fresh Squeezed OrangeThe juicy, zesty scent of freshly squeezed orange juice

Georgia PeachRich, juicy and fruity sweet peach fragrance

Hawaiian PineappleSweet, juicy, ripe pineapple fragrance

Lime SqueezeSweet, strong lime juice and zest

Luscious Turkish FigFull bodied, juicy ripe fig

Mediterranean PomegranateRich, dark sweet juice

Mexican Sweet MangoFresh, fruity, sweet, tropical mango

Red Currant (Votivo-Type)Bright, tart berry fragrance which fills a room

Strawberry BlissSweet, luscious strawberry

Sweet Backyard LemonSweet lemon juice and zest with a hint of sugar

Tropical CoconutRich coconut suntan lotion scent

Wild RaspberrySweet, strong and true raspberry scent


BAKERY & FOOD   Favorite sweet treats

Almond Amaretti CookieItalian almond cookies with a sweet liqueur and cherry top note

Buttery Sugar CookieRich butter cookies with vanilla and sugar notes

Buttermilk Pancake StackFluffy pancakes, with tangy buttermilk, sweet maple syrup and butter

Chocolate Layer Cake (Yankee Candle-Type)Dark, rich chocolate cake, layered with chocolate icing

Freshly Ground CinnamonA true cinnamon spice fragrance, not too sweet

Fruity Rings Cereal (Fruity Pebbles-Type)Sweet breakfast cereal with citrus notes and vanilla sugar

Happy Birthday CakeSweet yellow cake, with rich vanilla buttercream frosting

Mountain Clover HoneyWarm honey fragrance with notes of cinnamon and citrus

Salted CaramelMaple and brown sugar, melted with butter and vanilla for a rich caramel

Vanilla CrèmeSweet, delicious classic vanilla

Warm Chocolate Chip CookieFreshly baked chocolate chip cookies, warm from the oven.


BEVERAGES & DRINKS   Popular, aromatic drinks

Cabernet Sauvignon (Red Wine)Deep red wine fragrance with hints of strawberry

ChampagneSweet, bubbly champagne

Chardonnay (White Wine)Fine white wine with hints of pineapple and green grass

Creamy Hot CocoaCreamy hot milk with rich chocolate and melted marshmallows

French Press CoffeeFreshly made coffee scent

Kentucky Bourbon WhiskeyRich bourbon scent with top notes of caramel and vanilla

Lime MargaritaTequila blending with lime juice, lime zest and a pinch of salt

Summertime Strawberry LemonadeSweet strawberries and tangy lemonade blend

Tropical Pina ColadaCoconut milk, pineapple juice and rum


HOLIDAY & CHRISTMAS   The classic scents of holiday cheer

BayberryFavorite fresh spicy, holiday fragrance

Christmas TreeFresh Christmas balsam pine

EggnogRich vanilla eggnog with a touch of spiced rum

GingerbreadSweet & fragrant gingerbread…spiced just right

Hot Apple PieDelicious apples, spices and buttery crust

Peppermint Candy CaneClassic peppermint with a sweet candy twist

Pumpkin SpiceA rich pumpkin pie with just a touch of spice

Spiced CranberryTart cranberry with a sweet, spicy note


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