Our Fine Fragrances

Our fragrances are organized into several different collections.  The Luxury collection has beautful blends, perfect for gifting.  The other categories have single note fragrances, for times when a specific fragrance is required. Downloadable Fragrance Menu available by clicking the button below:


   LUXURY BLENDS - Retail-quality fragrances, blended by top perfumers

   Amber Citrus Oud Sensual amber & oud, with sweet fruity notes.
   *Amber Santal
- Sandalwood & amber in a pleasing, neutral blend.
   *BAIES/French Berries & Roses (Diptyque-Type)
- Bright, deep red currant & red rose, similar to Diptyque's version.
   Cedarwood, Vetiver, Patchouli & Tobacco
- Soft woodsy blend with notes of vetiver, patchouli & tobacco.
   Coconut Milk Fruit
- Coconut milk, blended with ripe tropical fruits.
   Dark Cassis Flower
- Rich, voluptuous ripe black currant & deep florals
   Flowering Summer Garden
- An enchanting blend of honeysuckle & jasmine blooming together.
   Green Fig & Bergamot
- Ripe sweet fig, mellowed with Italian bergamot.
   *Hampton's Ocean Breeze
- Clean & complex blend of fresh ozone with neutral florals.
   Indonesian Teakwood & Spice
- Exotic teakwood with spicy cardamom & cinnamon.
   Sorrento Olive, Lemon & Sage
- Green, bright blend of herbal olive, sage, lemon & green grass.
   Sugared Citrus (Volcano Blue-Type)
- A sweet and zesty citrus blend, similar to Capri Volcano Blue.
   Tropical Mango Citrus
- Very sweet, ripe tropical fruit blend with tangy citrus notes.
   Vintage Hemp & Sisal
- Fresh green grass & hay notes. Smells like a shot of fresh wheatgrass.
   White Vanilla Musk
- Sweet, powdery white musk with amber & vanilla.



   AROMATIC & GREEN - Fresh, green, herbal, & earthy fragrances

   Asian Bamboo Sensual amber & oud, with sweet fruity notes.
   Clean Cotton & Fresh Linen
 - The clean scent if freshly washed sheets, just out of the dryer.
   Cucumber Slices
 - Clean, green refreshing cucumber.
   Cypress Forest
 - Fresh green woods with notes of cooling eucalyptus.
   Fresh Dirt
 - Freshly turned, warm, wet soil.
   Freshly Cut Grass
 - The sweet, green scent of a freshly mowed lawn on a Summer morning.
   German Chamomile
 - Green, fresh herbal scent of chamomile leaves and flowers.
   Havana Green Tobacco Leaf
 - Fresh, green and woody tobacco leaf.
   Hemp Weed Buds & Leaves
 - A realistic, green sharp cannabis fragrance.
   Italian Bergamot
 - Beautiful Italian bitter orange, used for Earl Grey tea flavoring.
   Japanese Green Tea
- A softly bittersweet blend of green tea leaf and delicate flowers.
   Spanish Lemon Verbena
- Bright, lightly sweet lemon with floral notes of verbena.
   *White Tea & Ginger
- Soft, soothing tea fragrance.



   DEEP & WOODSY - Dark, woodsy, deep fragrances to appeal to the male side

   Brand New Car - The scent of a new car, leather seats and road trip dreams.
   Burnished Dark Leather
- A rich, soft well worn leather jacket.
   Caribbean Bay Rum
- This classic men's cologne scent blends spices with citrus notes & pine.
   *Feu du Bois/Wood Fire (Diptyque-Type)
- The smoky scent of sitting next to a camp fire.
   Hazy Cathedral Smoke
- Mysterious frankincense & myrrh, burning in a censer in an ancient cathedral.
   *Indian Sandalwood
- Familiar warm, sweet & spicy wood fragrance.
   Manor House Study
- A study in old mansion - a blend of old leather, mahogany & old paper.
   Sacred Nag Champa
- Classic incense fragrance, used in temples and churches.
   Savannah Oakmoss
- The sweet, deep wood scent of a damp Southern forest.



   AROMATHERAPY GRADE ESSENTIAL OILS - Pure therapeutic plant essences

   *Australian Eucalyptus - Healing, clearing and invigorating eucalyptus essential oil.
   *French Lavender
- Relaxing, mellowing and calming lavender essential oil.
   Greek Honey Mint
- Spearmint & peppermint essential oils tingle and cool the skin.
   *Italian Blood Orange
- Energizing blood orange citrus essential oil with a zesty twist.
   Roman Rosemary Lavender
- Therapeutic classic spa combination of rosemary & lavender essential oils.
   *Thai Lemongrass Citronella
- Bright citrusy herbal lemongrass citronella essential oil that repels insects.



   SWEET FLORALS - Realistic representations of favorite flowers

   *Exotic Plumeria - Lush, exotic tropical flower.
   Orange Blossom
 - Delicate sweet orange blossoms just opening in the sun.
   Pink Peony
 - Sweet, pure pink flower petals.
   Red Roses
 - Classic true rose fragrance with powder notes.
   *Springtime Rain
 - A green meadow of flowers blooming after a Spring rain shower.
 - Deep heavy floral with green notes.
   *White Gardenia
 - Timeless, velvety white floral.



   CITRUS & FRUITS - Sweet, luscious fruit scents

   *Coachella White Grapefruit - Juicy, bittersweet & refreshing citrus.
   Costa Rican Banana
 -  Ripe, rich tropical banana.
   Fresh Squeezed Orange
 - The juicy, zesty scent of freshly squeezed orange juice.
   Georgia Peach
 - Rich, juicy and fruity sweet peach fragrance.
   Hawaiian Pineapple
 - Sweet, juicy, ripe pineapple fragrance.
   Lime Squeeze
 - Sweet, strong lime juice and zest.
   Luscious Turkish Fig
 - Full bodied, juicy ripe fig.
   Mediterranean Pomegranate
 - Rich, dark sweet juice.
   Mexican Sweet Mango
 - Fresh, fruity, sweet, tropical mango.
   Red Currant (Votivo-Type)
 - Bright, tart berry fragrance which fills a room.
   Strawberry Bliss
 - Sweet, luscious strawberry.
   Sweet Backyard Lemon
 - Sweet lemon juice and zest with a hint of sugar.
   Tropical Coconut
 - Rich coconut suntan lotion scent.
   Wild Raspberry
 - Sweet, strong and true raspberry scent. 



   BAKERY & FOOD - Favorite sweet treats

   *Almond Amaretti Cookie - Italian almond cookies with a sweet liqueur and cherry top note.
   Buttery Sugar Cookie 
- Rich butter cookies with vanilla and sugar notes.
   Buttermilk Pancake Stack
 - Fluffy pancakes, with tangy buttermilk, sweet maple syrup and butter.
   Chocolate Layer Cake (Yankee Candle-Type)
 - Dark, rich chocolate cake, layered with chocolate icing.
   Freshly Ground Cinnamon
 - A true cinnamon spice fragrance, not too sweet.
   Fruity Rings Cereal (Fruity Pebbles-Type)
 - Sweet breakfast cereal with citrus notes and vanilla sugar.
   Happy Birthday Cake
 - Sweet yellow cake, with rich vanilla buttercream frosting.
   Mountain Clover Honey
 - Warm honey fragrance with notes of cinnamon and citrus.
   Salted Caramel
 - Maple and brown sugar, melted with butter and vanilla for a rich caramel.
   *Vanilla Crème
 - Sweet, delicious classic vanilla.
   Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie
 - Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, warm from the oven. 



   BEVERAGES & DRINKS - Popular, aromatic drinks

   Cabernet Sauvignon (Red Wine) - Deep red wine fragrance with hints of strawberry.
 - Sweet, bubbly champagne.
   Chardonnay (White Wine)
 - Fine white wine with hints of pineapple and green grass.
   Creamy Hot Cocoa
 - Creamy hot milk with rich chocolate and melted marshmallows.
   French Press Coffee
 - Freshly made coffee scent.
   Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey
 - Rich bourbon scent with top notes of caramel and vanilla.
   Lime Margarita
 - Tequila blending with lime juice, lime zest and a pinch of salt.
   *Summertime Strawberry Lemonade
 - Sweet strawberries and tangy lemonade blend.
   *Tropical Pina Colada
 - Coconut milk, pineapple juice and rum.



   HOLIDAY & CHRISTMAS - The classic scents of holiday cheer

   Bayberry - Favorite fresh spicy, holiday fragrance.
   *Christmas Tree
 - Fresh Christmas balsam pine.
 - Rich vanilla eggnog with a touch of spiced rum.
 - Sweet & fragrant gingerbread…spiced just right.
   Hot Apple Pie
 - Delicious apples, spices and buttery crust.
   Peppermint Candy Cane
 - Classic peppermint with a sweet candy twist.
   *Pumpkin Spice
 - A rich pumpkin pie with just a touch of spice.
   Spiced Cranberry
 - Tart cranberry with a sweet, spicy note.


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